Example Purchasing Intranet

Example Purchasing Intranet

Purchasing Governance Principles
Purchasing Cards (UK) < € 500 / £ 300
Oracle Purchase Orders < € 3000 / £ 2000
Oracle Purchase Orders > € 3000 / £ 2000
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Purchase Orders for < €3,000 / £2,000

Implementation / Valid From

These principles and procedures have been valid since the Oracle ERP system go-live on January 2nd 2008.

Authorisation to Purchase

Only Delegated Purchasers or members of the Purchasing team are authorised to make purchases for the Client Company, except in certain authorised cases.

Oracle ERP system Purchase Orders for < €3,000 / £2,000

Purchase orders for less than €3,000 (or £ 2,000) should be raised on Oracle ERP system (Oracle ERP system) system, by Delegated Purchasers.

Above £ 2000 Enterprise One Purchase Orders

Budget Holder’s Authorisation

Oracle ERP system will automatically send budget holders a request to accept or decline the proposed purchase through Outlook. Authorisation routes are defined by the Finance team. Queries about the Purchase Order approval process should be made to the appropriate Finance Manager.


Receipting is an essential component of the three way match (receipt of goods/service, invoice & purchase order). Delegated Purchasers are responsible for the receipting transaction or delegating it to an appropriate third party. Delegation of the receipting activity though does not absolve the Delegated Purchaser from responsibility for the receipting process.

New Suppliers

If the proposed supplier is not an existing the Client Company supplier, then please propose the supplier to the Purchasing team using the Supplier Proposal Form on the Information and Standard Forms page. The reason for this is explained here on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Other information

  • the Client Company's standard terms and conditions of contract can be found on the Client's Intranet site and on www.theclientcompany.com.
  • Training slides for Delegated Purchasers to raise Oracle ERP system Purchase Orders are shown on Tools for Purchasing.

Questions ?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page first and if you can't find the answer there email: xxxxxxxx@theclientcompany.com. Queries about the Purchase Order approval process should be made to the appropriate Finance Manager.